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If you have our M6117D series SBC, you can freely use DM&P X-DOS on it. It reserves 112 Byte for your free usage.

DM&P DOS Libraries

We recommend programmer to use Borland C++/Turbo C++ to build their DOS programs. Download Turbo C++ 1.01 form

  • DOS Socket Library
    DSock is a TCP/IP library for DOS real mode, which is used by RSIP. It provides simple C functions for programmer to write Internet applications. We also provide Internet examples using DSock: BOOTP/DHCP, FTP server, SMTP client/server, HTTP server, TELNET server, Talk client/server, etc.
  • Graphic LCM DOS Library
    We provide a lot of embedded CPU modules. Besides, we provide graphics LCM. Release graphic LCM library in order to reduce develop time for our user. The library is for M6117D CPU only. It's for large memory model under DOS.
  • Serial Port DOS Library
    SerPort DOS library is from the kernel of our RSIP that supports 4 serial ports and interrupt-driven communication. It provides simple C functions and save a lot of development time for programmer. SerPort is for DM&P products with M6117D CPU. It is a DOS real mode and large memory model library
  • DOS XMS Library
    DOS XMS library is a DOS real mode and large memory model C library. Because DOS is in real mode, programmer only can access RAM under 1MB. The memory user can use are 640 KB, Other 384 KB are reserved for ROM BIOS and other cards. XMS library provides M6117D programmer a easy way to access RAM above 1 MB under DOS via XMS driver. For X-DOS, add "DOS=HIGH" to you CONFIG.SYS will force X-DOS to active XMS driver.
  • DOS AccTimer Library
    DOS AccTimer library is for programmers who want to use precise mini-secondtimer. It will set 8254 to rate generator mode. This mode will create a short periodic output pulse with 1.1932MHz that user can use it to measure time less than 1ms.

** Those software libraries can be used with DM&P and DMP product without royalty.

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